What Makes Us The Best:

Hoda Investigations specializes in Personal Injury, Statement Taking, Scene Canvassing, Asset Checks, Insurance Defense, Probate, Locating Witnesses, Accident Scene Canvassing, Forensic Genealogy, and Surveillance.

We Provide:
  • Flat Rate Pricing (Click Here)
  • Statement Taking
  • Scene Canvassing
  • Asset Checks (Click Here)
  • FAST Results - Average turn around is less than 7 Days!
  • Simple Billing
  • John Hoda Sr. - 40 Years of Investigative Experience
  • John Hoda Jr. - 18 Years of Investigative Experience

  • We Are:
  • Internationally Known Trainers of Investigative Interviewing
  • Former Board Member of NALI & CALPI
  • Certified Legal Investigator & Fraud Examiner
  • Known for 20 years as Investigative Trainers
  • Latest Cases

    Stamford YMCA Sued for $35M Following Near-Drowning of Man Who Suffered Permanent Brain Damage

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